• Auftakt-Workshop ArGe "Regenerative Gase -Brennstoffzellen" zur Systemintegration von Windenergie-Wasserelektrolyse

    Ausgebucht! Interessenten, die jetzt nicht mehr berücksichtigt werden, können sich unverbindlich...

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  • 15. Internationale Konferenz für Alternative Mobilität

    Liebe Freunde der regenerativen Mobilität, liebe Mitglieder, sehr geehrte Fachinteressenten,am 13....

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  • 2014-04-15: Beitrittserklärung zum EWK Energiewende Kuratorium

    Lesen Sie zu unseren Energiewende-Aktivitäten unter News. Die Beitrittserklärung finden Sie hier...

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BRM’s long term objective is to achieve that renewable energies have a 100% share in the overall primary fuel consumption in Germany.  In order to achieve this goal, the mobility of all areas of renewable energies will be promoted, supported by all technologies available.
The currently existing framework conditions will be improved with reference to producing biogenic and regenerative fuels and for them to be introduced to the market.

By integrating existing structures, the BRM will actively take part in designing the mobility- and fuel strategy for the energy transition. To this end they support

  • all fuels for passenger cars, lorries, heavy-load transport, including ship- and rail traffic, aviation as well as light vehicles, which were produced based on renewable energies
  • new mobility concepts and opening up further potential based on new energies
  • setting up the infrastructure and reshaping the supply industry as it becomes necessary for the transport industry switching to renewable energies;
  • creating technical prerequisites for an extensive regenerative-based mobility
  • linked innovations along the overall value-added- and conversion chain right up to a possible exclusive use of renewable energies in all transport sections.

The BRM, as an investment- and marketing platform for all areas of mobility based on renewable energies, is actively engaged in this being introduced into the market and economically implemented through political lobbying and directly supports this to be actually realised.